June 10, 2012: Kansas Ironman 70.3
Lawrence, Kansas

My alarm went off at 4:30am. The goal was to be out the door and on my way to Lawrence by 4:45am. Made it out the door as planned, my first success of the day! Dad and I were going to drive over first. He was signed up to volunteer at the swim start/finish at 6am. Mark and my mom would show up at 9am to begin their volunteer shift at the finish line.

4:52am Weather - Fair / Sky Conditions - Clear / Temperature - 71 / Dew Point - 61

We made it to Lawrence, parked and walked the 1/2 mile up the road to Campground #3 so I could set up my gear at Transition #2 (T2).

5:52am Weather - Fair / Sky Conditions - Clear / Temperature - 71 / Dew Point - 60

When I got there they announce that the transition was closing in 20 minutes. I set everything up and started down the hill (another 1/2 mile walk) to T1 to set up my gear. They apparently were also closing that transition area at 6:15 and I only had 5 mins to set everything up. But I must have done alright b/c I had everything I needed during the race!

6:52am Weather - Fair / Sky Conditions - Clear / Temperature - 73 / Dew Point - 60

After setting up my transitions I went and watched the pros and the heats before me start. I was in Heat #11 with a start time of 7:06am. The water temps were 77.5 degrees, which felt nice. However, there were a lot of waves which made the swimming difficult. One post online said that 60 people dropped out during the swim (I'm not sure how accurate that number is). It took me a few hundred yards to feel comfortable and get into a rhythm, but I was still breathing every other stroke. There were two many people around for me to feel comfortable breathing every four.

Around 700 yards in these two girls decided to swim over me. I was prepared for this at the start, but not this far into the swim. After they swam over me, hit me in the head, I grabbed the foot of one of them and held them back for a bit. Again, you can swim over me at the start, but this far into the swim, not cool.

I finished the swim in 49.59 minutes.

7:52am Weather - Fair / Sky Conditions - Clear / Temperature - 76 / Dew Point - 62

8:52am Weather - Fair / Sky Conditions - Clear / Temperature - 79 / Dew Point - 64

9:52am Weather - Fair / Sky Conditions - Clear / Temperature - 83 / Dew Point - 65

10:52am Weather - Fair / Sky Conditions - Clear / Temperature - 86 / Dew Point - 66

11:52am Weather - Partly Cloudy / Sky Conditions - Sct080 / Temperature - 90 / Dew Point - 65

12:52pm Weather - Fair / Sky Conditions - Clear / Temperature - 92 / Dew Point - 64

1:52pm Weather - Fair and breezy / Sky Conditions - Clear / Temperature - 93 / Dew Point - 64

2:52pm Weather - Mostly Cloudy / Sky Conditions - BKN060 / Temperature - 93 / Dew Point - 64

3:52pm Weather - Overcast / Sky Conditions - BKN060 OVC070 / Temperature - 90 / Dew Point - 65


I finished the swim strong, ran towards T1 and found my bike without any problem. Spent a little less than 5 minutes in the transition and was headed out on my bike. I felt good and was not feeling tired from my 1.2 mile swim. I'd ridden the bike course twice before, however, those rides did not prepare me for today. It was windy! Any time we headed south, I fell to a slow pace. If I was headed south and up a hill, good luck. I probably could have pushed myself a bit more, but didn't want to kill my legs knowing I had to run 13.1 miles.

As I came in on my bike, I saw my dad. Who then called my mom so they could have the cameras ready. Renee was also on the sides there to cheer me on.

Finished the bike in 3 hours 56 minutes.

I spent about two and a half minutes in T2 and headed out on the run. My first mile was at 11 minutes! Would have been nice if I could have maintained that, but that was not the case. My overall average per mile for the entire run was 13.43. Not bad for a first time running this distance! The run consisted of 3 loops that you ran twice. As I headed out on the run, I saw mom, dad, and Mark. Renee was a bit further and ran for a few seconds calling out to make sure I was hydrated and had eaten. My response "yep, I've been eating and drinking all day". Felt good the first two miles, then headed downhill towards the swim start, walked a bit more on this loop. The third loop went on forever, I wish I would have checked out the course before hand so I knew what to expect. It was flat, so that was nice. But it just seemed to keep going. Along the way there were lots of rest stops with nutrition. There were also people throughout the campground who had hoses hooked up to spray you off. I got sprayed by every one of them, along with pouring water on my head and ice down the front and back of my jersey every chance I could. It was hot!

I finished the run in 2 hours 59 minutes. Mom, dad and Mark were at the finished line to great me and Mark placed my finishers medal around my neck.


Things to Keep in Mind for Next Time
I need to figure out a better nutrition plan instead of guessing what my body needs at any given point. I finished and felt strong, but I'm sure if I had an actual plan, I could have felt better.