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THURSDAY, August 22nd
Thursday night I decided it was time to pack for Louisville. The plan was to have the car loaded up that night, go to the academy friday morning from 7-11am, pick Mark up and head to Kentucky. I have had to pack for, what seems like a million swim,bike,run workouts over the past few months that it didn't take me long to gather everything. i placed it in a pile and then separated everything as i went through the check list. i needed to pack everything in separate bags since i was doing the late check in on saturday (i'll talk more about that later).
We arrived in Louisville around 8pm est, checked into out hotel and went out to explore. I was excited to see that we were only 2 blocks from the finish line. (yes, I probably should have known that) i thought we were .5 miles from the finish line. We were .5 miles from the start, 2 blocks from the finish on 4th Street Live. Awesome!
We had pizza and salads that night for dinner. (pizza- a known weakness of mine)
After dinner we went back to 4th Street Live. We passed by a movie theater that was showing alfred hitchcock movie on friday and saturday nights, but we were an hour late to see that night's showing of vertigo. As we continued past the theater I saw they had a window display for the birds. (Have I ever told you about the birds?)
along the sidewalk there were different welcome messages for the ironman visitors.

The city was ready for us.
However, at this point I felt like a poser. Since I was doing the late check in, I did not have my wristband and everyone else did.
We walked down by the river and headed over to the transition areas. I was already questioning swimming in the Ohio River based off of living next to it in Ohio... but then I saw the water by the transition area. Doesn't that look refreshing?? sticks, trash, catfish (and maybe a dead body or two). There were also lots of barges carrying trash and coal moving upstream. Hopefully they won't be out there while we are racing!
while we were down by the river there were fireworks going off over one of the bridges.

The next morning we got up, had breakfast and headed back down to the river around 10:30 for the underpants run. This was a tradition started at the Ironman Championships in Kona and they have continued it here in Louisville. The money raised was going to the KIDS Center. For a $30 donation you got a water bottle, a t-shirt and a sticker that says "1.5 miles" (That will look awesome next to the one that says 140.6 - too bad I don't put stickers on my car).

We had greek food for lunch that day. Mark had a kabob and I had a gyro. Susan and her sidekick made it into town that morning and met up with us at them restaurant. We hung out with them for an hour before it was time for me to head to the late check in at the galt hotel.


4:15pm- I finally got my athlete packet and backpack!! I now had 45 minutes to get down to the transition area to drop off my bike, bike gear bag and run gear bag. (This is why it was important for me to be efficient with my packing- i knew I was going to be pressed for time.

After checking in we met back up with Susan for dinner at Bluegrass Brewing Company. Fish Tacos for dinner- I also caved and ordered the beer sampler. (How can I go to a brewery and not have a beer?)

We randomly decided to take a picture of us together. It wasn't until after we took the pic that I realized we were in front of the smoke shop. There was also a really cool statue in the middle of the sidewalk. So I decided to pose like it.
Walking back to the hotel we started to see lots of these signs... it's the city trying to motivate us right? "no stopping sunday"